The ABCs of Personalized Jewelry

Do you turn right when your friends say left?

Are trends boring to you?

Do you prefer marching to another beat? - Personalized Romantic Gifts

If all the answers are in the affirmative, then you must appreciate jewelry not available to all. And in all probability, you’re a fan of personalized jewelry design.

The same is true if you have scoured all jewelry stores and websites and still searching for that piece to surprise your special someone; something which truly highlights your relationship.

Customized jewelry is designed from a scratch and is used only once. It’s usually not repeated even if you approach the designer again for another piece. Customized jewelry is an ultimate expression for making your loved one feel special. So how do you go about it?Save $50 Off Orders Over $300 When You Sign Up for Email at!

Get the ball rolling

The best surprise of customized jewelry is the surprise itself. But there’s nothing wrong if you want to design it yourself to make it look more personal. It’s like, let me show you some of my creativity. Hunt for some personalized jewelry design online manufacturers that can give shape to your dream.

Translate the vision

Whether you’ll give your customized jewelry to someone else or gift it to yourself, having a vision is always the first step. Whoever designs the jewelry has to first think of the type (necklace, earrings, rings or others) and the shape (like drop or button earrings, or a rectangular or round pendant). Make a separate enlarged sketch for each intricate part of the design, like a floral or a filigree design on a ring.

Consider the detailsB2C Jewels

What is the preferred metal of the wearer? Is it gold, platinum, tungsten, sterling silver, titanium or anything else? What gemstones does he/she prefer, like diamonds, topaz, ruby etc? What’s the style? Put your pen on paper only after you have factored in these points.

Meet your jeweler

Fix an appointment with your jeweler. Before revealing the sketch, ask him/her to show some personalized jewelry that he/she made earlier. Inspect closely to ensure that the cuts are perfect, the gemstones secure in the setting, and the piece is comfortable to wear.

Review the sketchFree Shipping

Show the sketch to the jeweler and explain what you want. Go over the dimension and materials. For instance, if it’s a ring, you have to the size of the wearer’s finger. Allow the jeweler to ask questions. You can draw it either by hand or computer aided design (CAD). The jeweler should be open to revisions.

Revisions and approvalLinks of London USA

Make several visits to the jeweler to check the progress of your item. The jeweler usually first makes a wax model and CAD drawings to give you a virtual look of what the final piece will be like. The CAD drawing will be from different angles. Approve the design when you’re fully satisfied.

Mind your business

While you can be easily swept away with the emotion of designing a customized jewelery piece, never forget the business aspects. Most importantly, don’t forget the warranty. Even before the actual making starts, get in writing from the maker, what’s expected out of him and the price.

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