What about an Australian Trip?

What About An Australian Trip?
Travel to Australia! Save $50 with Coupon Code HWIZ50* Currently in Australia it’s Winter, and unlike other countries around the world, Winter in Australia doesn’t blanket the entire country in snow.
Whilst Australia is an arid land. We have some of the world’s best locations to visit.
– The Opera House in Sydney, New South Wales
– Uluru, our sacred Australian rock in the Northern Territory
– Great Barrier Reef, on the Coral Coast of Queensland
– Blue Mountains and the caves at Katoomba
– Port Philip bay in Melbourne, Victoria

There’s just too many to name…
Australia is certainly a country to enjoy anytime of the year. Offering an abundance of choice.
Don’t be scared off by the stories of spiders, and wildlife.
Whilst Australia does have many dangerous species, when you are here, you will understand that unless you are bush-walking, you really don’t have much to worry about.
You may come across the odd ‘huntsman’ spider, but they don’t like to bite, and aren’t poisonous.
You may come across a kangaroo or a wallaby closer to remote or rural areas, but they tend to jump away before you can get close to them.
You certainly will be lucky to see a Koala bear, they are rare to spot, even for the Australian population.
Our wilderness is vast, but our cities are big too.
We offer all the luxuries that all major cities in the world have. Some come and see for yourself!
Travel to Australia! Save $50 with Coupon Code HWIZ50*