How well do you know your Dad?

So what does your dad like?

Are they a golf fanatic?

Are they a big sports fan,  baseball, NFL, football, basket ball?all ocassion gift shop

My dad is a big sports fan of rugby, his favorite team is Eels. He likes riding his motorbike, watching his Netflix and drinking his beer. My dad has a Yamaha Virago motorbike.

Dad is a very thoughtful and kind man. He has always looked after people his whole life. Dad is a motor mechanic and has been running his own business since 1973. Dad has always been there for his kids in any way he can.

Dad is a legend and he would love more than anything to enjoy a few more rides in his retirement. He loves to pack up his bike and do long trips in the outback of Australia.

He has always used really good riding boots on his long trips. Dad has once drop the bike onto the ground and has relied upon other people to help pick it up.

This is my dad’s helmet he loves it for long rides.

all occasionHere is dad after a long ride and he says that these helmets are amazing for older slower riders who have sensitive necks.


Is your dad a rider? Maybe something for fathers day to give him can be a helmet



What’s your dad into?


Fathers Day is coming in June and you can get organized now.


Why shop online?


It’s easy, fun and can be delivered right to your dad’s door.

Some other dad gifts can be a gift card

Is dad a tool kinda guy?