Best of Manhattan 2016

Best of 2016 By Manhatten

Bridges of New York Bangle Cuff Bracelet in 18K White Gold & Titanium with 671 Diamonds


Stunning By Manhatten

  • An expression of ultimate luxury, this amazing hand-crafted item is the only one of its kind: only one person will ever get to wear this amazing diamond cuff
  • The 28.5 carat diamond cuff set in 18k white gold with titanium accents captures both the soul and spirit of New York – the iconic ‘bones’ of Manhattan are incorporated in the design to convey the spirit and tone that are irrevocably ‘Manhattan’
  • The cuff features 596 pave set round-cut diamonds weighing 8.3 carats and 75 channel set baguette-cut diamonds weighing 20.2 carats for a total diamond weight of 28.56 carats
  • The diamonds are, of course, only the finest quality (VS2 or better clarity and E-F in color); Bracelet measures 8 inches in length Read More…

Chrysler Building Ring with 14 ct Diamonds in 18K Gold (Color G-H, Clarity Vs2+)


Central Park Necklace in 18K White Gold with 863 Diamonds (9 3/4 cttw) & 27 Special-Cut Natural Gems

  • Created by artist, Lili Chu, The Central Park Necklace is a unique item, a one-and-only piece of ultimate luxury, handcrafted by jewelry artisans; The piece is a bejeweled bird’s-eye view of the park’s intricate design, with 890 diamonds and gemstones weighing 66.69 carats representing the winding paths and landmarks that make up this 700-acre wonderland
  • Look closely, and you’ll see all of your favorite haunts – from the Great Lawn to the runner’s reservoir – all magnificently re-created in jewelry form
  • This stunning 18k white gold couture piece includes: 863 diamonds (9.72 carats), 11 aquamarines (8.13 carats), a 1.48 carat chrome chalcedony, 3 green jadeites (11.52 carats), 5 green tourmalines (10.53 carats) and 7 Russian garnets (25.31 carats)
  • The high-quality diamonds are at least VS clarity and G-H in color; Necklace measures 3 7/8 by 15/16 inches with a 17-inch total length
  • 17-Inch, Diamond-Lined Chain Read More…

Wall Street Bull and Bear Cuff Bracelet in 18K Gold with Cognac & Black Diamonds (21 1/4 cttw)


  • This stunning 18k gold Bull and Bear Bangle features 781 colored diamonds totaling 21.27 carats; A distinctive and unique statement of luxury, only one has been hand-crafted for one discriminating jewelry buyer to own
  • The Bear comes to life with 439 orange cognac diamonds weighing 10.85 carats and faces squarely opposite The Bull, which sparkles in 342 black diamonds weighing 10.42 carats
  • The diamond quality certainly measures up to Wall Street standards – only VS or higher clarity; Bracelet measures 6 inches in circumference
  • Colored diamonds may have been treated or enhanced by heating or irradiation
  • Measures 6 Inches in Circumference Read More…