Amazon is amazing for something special!

all occasion gift shop

Don’t be afraid to shop online and have it delivered!


Many of my friends say “what if it never turns up?” “what if its not what you thought it was?” “what if you hate it when it arrives?”

All these WHAT IF’s – don’t panic – here are 3 steps to protect yourself.

all occasion gift shop

We learnt this the hard way and lost a lot of money at first.


Step 1 – pay by a credit card or a trusted paying app such as Paypal. insurance will cover your purchase and you have an avenue of getting your money back..


Step 2 – read the fine print and you will be aware of any terms and conditions on that product.


Step 3 – buy only from reputable websites like this one. When you click on the link you go into an online store and these stores are very reputable and have fantastic return policies. Sure it may take some time in order to get something done but persistence and perseverance will pay off – believe me I know..

So what are you waiting for click on the link / picture below and get something special delivered from a fantastic online store AMAZON