5 Classic Choices for Birthday Flower Bouquets

Along with a bottle of fine wine and a box of luxurious chocolates, a stunning bouquet of flowers tops the list as one of the most pleasant birthday gifts to receive.

Flowers will brighten up any space in the home, and with some breathtakingly beautiful florist creations available, there is something to please everyone.


Of course, choosing which bouquet to select as a gift can be difficult, as some people may have more refined tastes and others more extravagant ones.

With that said, here are five classic choices for flower bouquets that are sure to be a hit with almost any recipient.Flower.com

One of the most classic choices for any flower bouquet is that of red roses. These have become especially appropriate to give from one romantic partner to another due to the fact that they symbolise love.

For more platonic gift giving, a bouquet of pink or pure white roses is equally as stunning and luxurious, and is sure to be appreciated.Flora2000

If you would like a combination of the classic and the original, look for a birthday flowers delivery service that mixes in one or two other types of bloom with your roses.

One popular example of this is the addition of a few sprigs of baby’s breath to a bunch of deep red roses, which takes the bouquet from ordinary to extraordinary.FlowerShopping.com

The second example of a classic birthday flowers bouquet is the all pink one; the warm and uplifting tones of an entirely pink bouquet are sure to lift anyone’s spirits, and are often to the taste of many, whether young or old.

The flowers used in the bouquet can vary, but it is the fact that various shades of pink are mixed together that gives an appealing and luxurious look.

Another example of a classic bouquet that you could ask your birthday flowers delivery service to put together for you is the blue and violet bouquet.

Again, the colours here are relatively conventional but still very beautiful. Like a bunch of flowers that is entirely pink, the complementary violet and blue colours are sure to please almost anyone.FlowerShopping.com - Click Here!

Whereas pinks are warm, soft and romantic, blues and violets are calming, which is why these types of bouquets appeal to so many.

For a striking bouquet, look for those from your delivery service that have the most brightly coloured flowers placed in the middle of the bunch to create an eye-catching centrepiece.Flowers by Florists.com

Our fourth suggestion for a great selection of classic flowers to send to the birthday girl or boy is a bouquet of coloured lilies.

These noble flowers are the epitome of elegance, and are almost on par with roses for being the most popular type of bouquet that is given. Although they are often mixed in with other flowers, a bouquet of only lilies can be breath-taking.

If you do opt for the lily bouquet, ask your birthday flowers delivery service if they can mix up the colours for a more elegant and striking effect.

Whereas the classic bunch of white lilies is beautiful, a mix of white, pink and orange lilies can make for an exceptional gift that cannot be found at your local supermarket or garage.

bouquet of red roses

The fifth and final suggestion for a classic birthday bouquet is the bunch of freesias, which are sure to please just by their gorgeous scent alone.

Whereas lilies are not so good for pollen allergy sufferers, and roses do not always have that classic rose smell, freesias can be relied upon to provide plenty of aroma to fill the room.

Choose your freesia colours according to the colour tips above, or instead ask your florist for their suggestions.

The finished visual effect may be either stunning or subtle, but one thing is for sure with freesias, and that is that the recipient of the birthday flowers delivery is sure to be delighted with lasting scent of fresh flowers in their home.violet coloured flowers

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Why Flowers?

One of our clever staff members, compiled all the reasons she loves to receive flowers for you all to understand…

Flowers make you instantly feel joySend Flowers

Flowers fill the air with an aroma that hugs you

Flowers tend to remind you that your loved

Flowers are like a breath of fresh air

Flowers give your home and space an instant uplifting feel

Flowers smell divine

Flowers help you tell the person that you’re thinking about them

Flowers are simple but effective

Flowers give you pleasure

Flowers say ‘I’m Sorry’ (if you want)

Flowers may wilt and die, but the women in your life will remember them and appreciate your gesture.

Whilst the average person probably doesn’t often receive the gift of fresh flowers, most would love too.
Cyber Florist

Depending upon the reason your giving the gift of flowers, you can make some rather large impacts with that fresh bouquet.

Sending flowers can give the recipient the following feelings:










That feeling of being beautiful




or simply for the love of the flower.

Did you know that certain flowers actually give meaning to your gift?

I know that red roses can be a sign of eternal love and affection or romance.

Pansies can give the impression that your thinking about the recipient and they are in your thoughts.

I recall receiving a bouquet of white carnations once for leaving my profession and embarking on my next journey, apparently that was a sign of luck.

When my daughter was born, we received a gorgeous bouquet of white daisies which were a simple of my daughter’s innocence.

My nanna’s most favored flow the yellow rose has always been a symbol of friendship. (Love you nanna, hope you’re proud of me and looking after us from up there)…Shop Fresh Flowers Online With Petals Network

…and I recall that when we first built our first home, there was a massive Forget Me Not in the front yard, that gave the most amazing aroma and apparently, (according to my mum xx) these tiny little light bluish flowers are a symbol of true love.

So, there you have some flower insights.

I’m sure there’s many other flowers with meanings, but these were the only six that I was aware of off the top of my head.

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